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Asset tracking software for educational institutions!

EZOfficeInventory’s asset tracking software is being used by the most prestigious educational institutions around. The George Fox University uses the software to keep track of all its equipment, using our mobile app to check items in and out to custodians quickly, and to keep tabs on when things are due back. This increases accountability and ensures sysadmins always keep to asset management budgets.

Educational asset management doesn’t just help with costs. It also streamlines processes so that every department’s asset needs are met quickly and efficiently. Asset tracking software is extremely important in ensuring that the learning process isn’t interrupted because of poor planning and the ill-informed allocation of resources. Now, students and faculty can be confident that the computers and other technical equipment they’re using is always in the best condition possible, and that it can be checked in for instant maintenance whenever required.

Any product that helps schools and universities curtail costs, increase ROIs, and improve equipment longevity is a positive addition into the educational context. This is why EZOfficeInventory is the biggest-selling asset tracking software for universities and K12s.

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